Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shooting Gallery!

Last time I went to CO Berlin, was when I wanted to se Robert Mapplethorpe in March this year. However at the same time, there was another small exhibition taking place. This one caught my eye, more so than the naked bodies and the beautiful arranged flowers in black and white.

A Dutch woman (Ria Van Dijk) has been going to the Shooting Gallery at the local fair her entire life. 
The deal whit the Shooting Gallery is, that you buy a certain amount of shots, like when shooting at flowers. If you hit the mark, you get a nice picture of yourself shooting.
And she collected 31 of these pictures throughout her entire life. All these were exhibited.

To me she wasn't the only one to notice on the pictures. 
The people standing next to her, awaiting her shot, and the general surroundings were just as significant.
These photos were not only a testimony of her life, but also as a reflection of changing society.  Because it succeeded in capturing a time within this narrow reference, Zitty Berlin also named it; one of the best curated photo exhibitions in a long time.

Yesterday I came across these pictures online I though I would share them.
The full roll of pictures you can find here.

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