Thursday, 3 January 2013

Eros 2 - Symposium Project - Part 2!

I recently finished my first film in "The Symposium Series". I have chosen to call it "Eros 2" since it is the second speech in "The Symposium".  
The protagonist is Ansy. A french girl who came to London as a reaction to her break up after a long passionate and complicated relationship. 
Based on my idea of finding the lack after a break up I had decided to look on love and promises as a series of actions rather than something spoken. It is indeed ourselves who decide what actions we choose to see as a promise and what we expect of our partner based on these actions. 
When I first met Ansy one thing from all the thing she told me really made an impact on me , which was this: Her ex-girlfriend was a musician and so naturally a large part of their relationship was occupied by music. As a reaction to the breakup she isolated herself from all music, she left her Ipod behind in France and went to London in the hope to forget. 
Personally I could not bare the thought of living without music, I think that most people consider music to be one of the most influential factors in their daily life. Music can change one's state of mind, it can make one happy, sad, thoughtful etc. and if we are without it such a large part of who we are would be lost.
She said this to me: "The day she left me, the music left my life" and therefore I wanted to make the film about the pathos that follows a life without music. 

Tonight it will be shown in The White Chapel Gallery in London. This is very exiting to me and at the same time a bit terrifying since it is the first time I show a film while I am there and have to talk about it with someone else than my tutor. It will be great though to get some reactions and see how I feel about the situation myself.

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