Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Photowalk!

I have been rereading the Moyra Davey essay on Photography and accident. It is funny how much more it makes sense to me now than when I read it for the first time 1 ½ year ago right after starting school.  
The other day I took a long walk to get some thoughts together and brought both my analogue and digital camera. Promised myself not to defer from taking all the pictures that I wanted. I sometimes have a tendency to hold myself back. Maybe do to the mass of photographs already collected through the past couple of years, but perhaps also because of a slight dissatisfaction of the results, because in the quest of the perfectly composed photograph how can one not be.
Bringing both my analogue and digital camera and with an essay in mind I though I might try and implement the way I take pictures on film onto my digital camera and actually let the accident happen. It is a fact that I am much more spontaneous photographer when it comes to the analogue medium. Sharpness is not of great importance to me, in fact the more unreal the image seem to be, the more I like it. But with my digital camera where I am able to see the result right away, and retake it if I am dissatisfied, I am much more critical and far less forgiving.
So I engaged in my own experiment, where I took the digital pictures much more sporadically and in the process I somehow managed to gain some of the wildness and unreal feeling which I cherish so much in analogue photography. 

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