Thursday, 7 February 2013


The other day I was walking along the riverside. There was a beautiful light on the sky, which was in between blue and sunny and threatening dark grey clouds. Sometimes the sun came out or was hiding behind the sky only to make a purple light across the river.
On a long walking bridge two men were standing with a dog and feeding the seagulls. They greeted me and asked me where I was from when the learned I wasn’t French. As I was walking away the guy called after me saying that maybe we would meet another day.
On my way back there were still standing there with their baguette in their hands throwing a little lump out among the birds from time to time. The birds circling around their heads fighting for every bite.  As I cam e closer the other guy looked at me and yelled
“Ce n’est pas joli?”
I stopped for a second and talked to them, they asked my name and I leaned that they were Fred and Mathieu.  By their look they could have been homeless, but I don’t know. I took their picture and then I wished them a nice day. As I was walking away I could not help but think about how little we humans sometimes need to make us feel happiness. If they were in fact homeless they were using their baguette for the joy of seeing the birds on the great looking scenery of the sky and riverside and their joy and friendliness made me think about the simplicity that live sometimes can offer and it made me fell joy as well.

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